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Letter writer would impose views on others

Published: Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

Mr. Becker [“Balderdash to Obama and his administration,” The Reader’s Voice, Oct. 24] has a very good knowledge of “balderdash,” since most of what he espouses is just that.

The president supports an individual’s right to make choices about their own body. President Clinton stated that abortion should be safe, available, and rare. 

Individuals have different beliefs regarding abortion. Mr. Becker rails about “put[ting] religious freedom in jeopardy,” but he has no problem imposing his own religious beliefs on everyone else.

Again, ignoring facts, he rails about debt, without really understanding what it means for a national economy, and failing to recognize that the deficit has gone down during the present administration.

It is almost comical to hear him characterize the Affordable Care Act as being constructed in a “socialist method,” considering that the entire act is based upon a proposal developed by the conservative Heritage Foundation.

It is clear that Mr. Becker has bought into the propaganda put forth by the “conservative, regressive” media.

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